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Kasi Sexton
Kasi Sexton
103563 SC
Charleston (Centre Point)
Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I have had the unique luxury of seeing the ever-changing dynamic of the real estate market throughout the south. My husband of 18 years is a residential home builder, with experience in both custom home building as well as production home building. I've always have a keen eye and unique interest for home design, interior design and landscape design. When moving to the Lowcountry in 2016, transitioning into the real estate realm was the perfect move. I've had success assisting buyers and sellers in their private residences, secondary homes, and investment properties. A degree in psychology and family studies has assisted in my ability to work with a variety of families, ranging from singles to couples to large families looking to relocate to the Charleston area, or simply relocate within the tri-county area. My family of 5 lives in Mt. Pleasant; we simply love the Lowcountry and know you will fall in love as well!


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